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The fourth industrial revolution is here! New technologies such as robotization, artificial intelligence (AI), 3D printers and automation will optimize many jobs over the next few years. The primary technology that stands out is 3D printing, as it will transform industries, the way we live and work. We are ready for that transformation! FreeLife sees how 3D printers will reduce labor requirements while generating an income.

FreeLife is a decentralized e-commerce marketplace based on blockchain technology. FreeLife marketplace will optimize the process of creating a product, from order to delivery. 3D printing offers the power of creation to everyone. It’s a method for people to earn income for themselves using the most advanced technology. Earn an income with your design skills, a 3D printer, or with your product ideas.

FreeLife is unique because we offer a new way to create, shop and earn online without listing fees or subscriptions.

How are we different from other marketplaces?

Create your own product

Have you ever struggled to find a product that fits exactly what you want? Imagine being able to create your own product, order exactly what you want with precise specifications. As a decentralised marketplace, Freelife allows you to do just that by connecting 3D designers and 3D printer owners.

3D designers design your product according to your specifications. After the design is created, it is sent to the 3D printer owner which will bring your idea to life.

The marketplace is 100% FREE for customers and sellers!
NO commission, NO listing fees, NO subscriptions!

It is not owned or managed by any one entity, meaning there is no middleman. With blockchain technology, servers are not directly owned which removes the maintenance cost variable.

Bring your idea to life and sell it

Imagine being able to sell your creation to generate an additional income on the side. Simply list it on the marketplace and every time a customer orders that product, an order is automatically created for the designated default 3D printer owner. After the product is received and approved by the customer, the 3D printer owner receives a payment and you receive your payment.

All you need is an idea. Everything else is provided in FreeLife.

Smart Contracts and Dispute Resolution System

For every order, a smart contract is created to avoid conflicts after the product has been delivered and approved. In the event of a dispute, each party can use FreeLife's Dispute Resolution System (DRS), a unique solution that eliminates the risk of scammers and theft within the marketplace.

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What is the difference between centralized marketplaces and FreeLife decentralized marketplace?

Centralized Marketplaces
(eBay, Alibaba, etc.)

▪ Accepts only fiat currency (EUR, USD).
▪ High commissions with lower profit for sellers.
▪ Middleman fees.
▪ Controlled by one company or a small group of people.
▪ Centralized data (server-based).
▪ Increased costs with server maintenance demands.
▪ No smart contracts.
▪ Don't allow a private person to offer their services.

FreeLife Decentralized Marketplace
Based on blockchain technology

▪ Accepts both cryptocurrency and fiat currency (EUR, USD).
▪ No fees. It’s free for sellers and buyers.
▪ No middleman with a peer-to-peer system.
▪ It is not owned or controlled by any company. The users have the power.
▪ Decentralized data (computers nodes).
▪ No server maintenance costs.
▪ Smart contracts allow foster trustworthy and credible transactions without third-parties.
▪ Anyone, anywhere can offer their service. It’s a free market!

3D printing technology puts the power of creation in the hands of people with the desire to design and create

3D printing is revolutionizing manufacturing

What is 3D printing and how does it work?

Every 3D print starts as a digital 3D design file for a physical object. Trying to print without a design file is like trying to print a document on a sheet of paper without a text file.

Why 3D printing?

Three-dimensional printing makes it as cheap to create single items as it is to produce thousands, thus undermining economies of scale. It allows designers to manufacture for a variety of industries and demands:

  • Mass Customization
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Medical / Bioprinting organs

"We are at the beginning of a digital industrial revolution that will reshape how physical goods are created, and 3D printing is at the heart of it."

As reported by Wohlers, the worldwide 3D printing industry was expected to expand from a $3.07 billion industry in 2013 to a $51.7 billion industry worldwide industry by 2026.

Once in a generation a new technology comes along that has the potential to transform just about everything — think printing press, steam engine, telegraph and now 3D printing.

– Jim Kohlenberger | Former Chief of Staff of the White House Office of Science and Technology

Why blockchain and 3D printing?

Blockchain – Decentralized and trustless copyright network

Blockchain is a completely peer-to-peer (P2P), trustless network. No single user or organisation is given supreme control over the database.

Because of blockchain’s decentralized structure, data is not stored in a single location, which provides for greater flexibility to the information stored and encrypted while processing.

Smart In-House Manufacturing3D PRINTING

Additive manufacturing in combination with cloud computing technology – Blockchain allows decentralized and geographically independent distributed production.

Blockchain technology, in combination with 3d printing becoming more affordable and mainstream everyday, consumers can now print the brands and products they love.

Copyright and Piracy

Blockchain creates a secure environment for 3D content production. Each file is encrypted to prevent copyright infringement. All files are listed within blockchain and cannot be altered. Files contain copyright information, content owner/author, license details, etc... using NFT's (a non-fungible token)

With blockchain technology, granting specific access to a design can be made possible for a one-time print of 3D printed products. The manufacturer would always receive the deserved credit under patent law.

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Be prepared to bring your ideas to life!

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